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The Environment First, Profits Second!

The main reason why consumers mostly buy non-recycled goods is because these goods are cheaper than recycled goods. This may be obvious to most people, but few people realize that this fact is a problem that can be solved.

A simple yet practical solution for this problem is to heavily tax non-recycled goods, and use the money collected to subsidize recycled goods. This would have two major benefits. First, the plundering and looting that is destroying the environment should decrease substantially and maybe one day even stop. Second, this would drastically increase the amount of recycling. Therefore, the economy of scale of recycling will also dramatically increase, thus the cost of recycling will significantly decrease. Eventually, the cost of recycling without subsidies should decrease to below the cost of using non-recycled resources that are untaxed. Once this has been achieved, then the taxes on non-recycled resources can be stopped.

Similarly, environmentally unfriendly energy sources are currently much more cost effective than environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy. If the cost of environmentally unfriendly energy sources were to be artificially more than the alternatives, then eco-friendly energy sources would become much more popular. Eventually, the large scale demand and utilization of these environmentally friendly energy sources should decrease the cost of renewable energy to below the current costs of environmentally harmful power sources. Again once the cost of using eco-friendly power sources become truly cost effective on a large scale, then the taxes on unfriendly power sources can be removed too.

In essence, this simple solution would protect the environment by giving bigger incentives to recycle everything and to use environmentally friendly power sources. Unfortunately, it is now necessary for the environment to come first, and profits for large corporations to come second. Keep in mind that corporations will still make profits during this eco-friendly transition period, and corporations will resume making ridiculously huge profits in the new eco-friendly business environment.

Therefore, let the new world mantra be "The environment first, profits second!"

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/23/2007

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