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The Fall of China

All great civilizations have their rise to power and their monumental collapse. It is inevitable for every country to experience these fluctuations from time to time. For instance, the United States of America was the economic and political powerhouse of the world for about a century; however now, the U.S. is in a steep decline that it may never recover from.

Eventually, even China will share a similar fate. It may only take a few years, or it may take a few decades. No one can be certain when China will fall. However, what is becoming clear is how China will probably collapse.

First, China's economy is founded as the United States as their primary customer. Unfortunately, it is not good business to have your primary customer in debt more than they can probably pay off. If the United States' economy stumbles even a little bit, then that would mean a greater fall for the Chinese economy. If the United States falls into a depression, then the entire world's economy would also falter and this could mean dire consequences for China. This is because China's society does not have enough backup customers to support their manufacturing economy when the entire world has an economic slump.

The good news is that the Chinese government can develop an even bigger customer base than most of the countries in West. That new customer can be themselves. With an estimated 1.2 billion through 1.5 billion citizens, the Chinese economy could become the biggest and most powerful consumer of Chinese products to help stabilize the Chinese economy and to further increase the Chinese economic powerhouse. The only way for the Chinese government to achieve this goal is to heavily invest in their country by improving their infrastructure, education, and technological developments in all business areas as well as growing their businesses as they have been doing for the past decade. In the mean time, China will need to continue support the United States until the Chinese are much more self sufficient.

The second reason why the Chinese economy could falter is because of limited worldwide resources. Basically, the planet does not have enough renewable resources to sustain the current population, let alone an increase in developed populations. Also, the planet is being depleted of non-renewable resources too. As a result, the continual growth in Chinese manufacturing will eventually encounter a dwindling and possible stoppage of several key resources, thus wrecking havoc to many manufacturers and local economies based on them. The only possible solution is finding or creating long term renewable solutions for all resources. Heavily investing in green technologies will probably be not enough to divert this crisis; however, it will probably delay it.

The third and potentially most detrimental impact to the Chinese economy is their environmental damage that is exponentially growing. The continual growth of the Chinese economy is because their manufacturing capabilities, and their factories are polluting their country at the fastest rate than any other country. One of the first signs of this environmental disaster will be several main sources of fresh water will become contaminated, and this has already started to have happened. Additionally, food production and quality will slowly and continuously decrease. Several key foods, such as fish, rice, and corn, are already at dangerously low levels.

Eventually, several major environmental disasters will occur across the entire country thus directly impacting millions of people. Therefore, millions of people will be displayed from their homes and jobs, a large number of factories and businesses will close too. As a result, the quality of life and life expectances will start to quickly decrease as the development of more and larger factories increase. All the while, the cost of living will increase dramatically too.

As you can also conclude, the future stability and success of China will be directly related to their ability to become an environmentally green society. Furthermore, all of the other countries of the world will follow the environmental path that China will set. Otherwise, the fall of China will occur as well as a worldwide economic and environmental disaster too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/08/2009

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