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The Great Reset

As an engineer, I have seen hundreds of software applications suffer from starting out with a simple design and implementation to become behemoths in complexity, performance, and usage. This is often called feature creep and bloatware when new features are continuously added until the reason of the original application has been too diluted for continued usage. At that point in time, it is much easier to press an imaginary "reset button" on the project and re-develop a new software application from scratch using the lessons learned from the previous project rather than improving or fixing the original application.

I also noticed that this is true in nature. For instance, evolution may reach a dead-end thus resulting in the extinction of a species. This is equivalent to an evolutionary "reset button" on the surviving species to perhaps better adapt to a newly opened environmental niche than the extinct species occupied. Another way of looking at it is that a species can evolve or adapt to a completely new or changing environment thus resetting, in essence, the speciesí capabilities and environmental niche(s). As a result, resets are both common and a necessary part of both engineering and nature.

The same is true for governments. After time, governments become too large, too complicated, too unwieldy, and too powerful to be truly effective. Basically, governments were designed during a much simpler time with a simpler scope and responsibilities. So, it only makes sense that governments need to be periodically reset. Otherwise, governments will continue to become even more complicated and thus more counter-productive until they eventually collapse the entire country. As a result, even governments need a great reset from time to time.

So that leaves the question, when is the time for the next revolution?

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/02/2012

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