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The Lottery is Gambling

I've noticed that most places that have state run lotteries are the same places where gambling is illegal. Why is that? Isn't gambling and lotteries the same thing?

The definition of gambling is to play a game of uncertain outcome for the gain and loss of money or property. The definition of a lottery is a drawing of uncertain outcome to determine who wins a prize. In my opinion, lottery is just a subset of gambling; and therefore, lotteries are gambling.

After a lot of searching, the only difference that I could find between lotteries and gambling is that lotteries are typically run by governments in order to raise additional revenue for public services, such as schools and roads. In my opinion, lotteries should not be legal depending on who sanctioned or sponsored them. For instance, if someone creates a private company that competes with the state's lottery, then it would still be gambling and still be illegal.

In my opinion, lotteries are just another form of gambling; therefore it is hypocritical to allow governments to have rights that are not allowed to their citizens and private companies. Thus, gambling and lotteries should be either both legal or both illegal.

You decide.

by Phil for Humanity
on 02/19/2008

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