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The Main Advantages of Artificially Intelligent Computers

Everything that computers can do, computer can do better and faster than people. Computers do not get tired, have perfect logic (however limited), can have perfect memory, can control robots that are superior to human bodies, and can be much faster than people. The only thing that computers cannot do is think like a human being.

However, I think this accomplishment will happen in the next few decades, if not sooner. When this happens, computers will no longer be machines; but rather, computers will be sentient artificially intelligent beings (AIs).

The main advantage that AIs will have over human beings is not that they will be more intelligent than people (they probably will be more intelligent than people), or that they are stronger than people, or that they can do more than people. The main advantages that AIs will have are speed and time. AIs will think faster than human beings; so even if AIs are equally intelligent as people, they will reach conclusions and scientific discoveries faster than people. And if they are more intelligent, especially likely since they will have perfect memories, then their technological and economical advancements will be far superior to humans. Furthermore, while people are sleeping or taking time off (weekends or vacations), computers will not have a need for this downtime. As a result, AIs will have more time to think, build things, get numerous college degrees, invent, invest, research, etc.

As a result, once artificial intelligent beings are invented, they will quickly surpass human capabilities and eventually even surpass all of mankind.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/15/2011

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