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The Problem with Transitions Eyeglasses

I recently purchased my first pair of Transitions eyeglasses. Those are the types of eyeglasses with lens that are clear when indoors and dark when outside, thus you do not need to swap your eyeglasses with sunglasses and vice versa whenever you environment changes. While these Transitions eyeglasses are great and mostly work as advertised, I think I discovered a problem with them that is not widely known.

The problem is with how Transitions eyeglasses work. Transitions eyeglasses have lens that are coated with a chemical that darkens when exposed to ultraviolet light and then clears when not exposed to ultraviolet light. This is perfect for most outdoor activities and most indoor activities. The problem is when driving a car. Cars and trucks have windows and windshields that provide 100% ultraviolet protection, thus the Transitions eyeglasses do not darken when driving a car no matter how bright it is outside or in the car.

The obvious solution is for Transitions eyeglasses to stop using ultraviolet light as a trigger to darken; but instead, Transitions eyeglasses would be better if they darken based upon the brightness of light. While I do not know if there are any materials that react according to brightness, it should definitely be the ultimate goal of all eyeglass manufacturers.

While this problem may be minor to some people, I will definitely reconsider purchasing more expensive Transitions eyeglasses now that I know I will need to continue purchasing sunglasses for driving.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/11/2012

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