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The Problem with the Holy Cross

The Holy Cross is the symbol and foundation of Christianity. For a large number of people, the Holy Cross is something revered, used for worshiping, and a sign of religion, but have you considered it's real purpose? A cross is really two pieces of wood used for mass murder, just like a noose or electric chair. We have no way of determining just how many people were killed on crosses throughout history, but we do know that the Roman Empire used them for hundreds of years as a means of capital punishment for non-Romans. A cross serves no other purpose than to slowly and painfully kill people in a very public manner.

How can you not be offended at how the cross is being casually displayed today?

Furthermore, some Christians show Jesus, a Jewish man, either dead or dying nailed to a cross. Is that not a horrific sight to be seen in public? Does this not aggravate the Jewish community against such a display against one of their own people? I guarantee you that there would a public outcry if someone used as decoration a Frenchman with his head guillotined or a black man tied to a noose.

So, I will ask you this question. What are you going to do about displaying crosses, continue displaying them proudly or take them down in shame?

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/13/2006

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