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The Problems with Republicans and Conservatives

I have been observing republicans and conservatives in the Republican Party for all of my life, and I think I have narrowed down the four fundamental traits that most of these conservatives and republicans share. Before I list them, keep in mind that not all republicans and conservatives have all four of these traits, but I believe most of these people have at least two of these traits.

Without further ado, in my opinion and in very general terms, I believe conservatives and republicans share a combination of these four traits. First, they have very low empathy, and this implies a psychological deficiency. Second, they have significantly lower intelligence than non-republicans and non-conservatives that again implies another psychological deficiency. Third, they are poorly educated, and thus not as logical as non-republicans and non-conservatives. While this trait can definitely be partially attributed to lower intelligence, it could alternatively imply a lack of educational opportunities too. Fourth and finally, these people are more greedy, typically greedy for money but also for power, status, and possessions too. I guess this trait could be a sign of psychological deficiency of over-compensation or worse.

Interestingly, conservatives and republicans believe that they are deeply moral and ethical, however these convictions are typically based off of their religious beliefs. And in conjunction with their four deficiencies of limited education/logic, intelligence, empathy, and high greed; their morality and ethics quickly becomes deeply concerning when compared to more thought-out morals and ethics that are continuously re-evaluated logically.

In my opinion, education is the only possible method to improve these conservatives. For instance to teach empathy, children at a young age should be taught how to understand and care for other people’s feelings. While it is possible to teach adults this ability, it is much easier to teach children this skill. Second, teaching logic is the core in any educational system, however it is obvious that our current school systems are not adequate enough. An increase in education would also help with lower intelligence too. And finally, there are many ways of teaching people and children to not be greedy, such as teaching people to give away their unneeded possessions or not make billionaires famous and desirable.

In conclusion, the Republican Party consists of many people who have many flaws. Addressing these flaws can only be attained through perseverance of education throughout their lifetimes.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/22/2022

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