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The Problems with the Batch Programming Language

I have a simple question for you: Is Batch a real programming language?

If you are at all familiar with a few languages programming, you would agree that Batch has quite a few drawbacks but mainly these two primary issues. First, the Batch syntax is extremely esoteric (i.e. Why must loop variables be only one character in length?). Second, the Batch programming language is very limited compared to almost every other language (i.e. Any UNIX Shell programming language is far more practical.). As a result, few programmers consider Batch a real or very useful programming language, because it has a very limited use.

This got me thinking as to why the most popular operating system (i.e. Microsoft Windows) would have the least useful shelling programming language (i.e. Batch), and the only possible conclusion that I came up with is a bit frightening.

I can only conclude that Windows is an operating system designed only for novice users who are believed to not want to learn about how computers can be more helpful. As a result, any computer expert or student learning computers would quickly become frustrated with the lack of functionally and flexibility in the Batch programming language. As a result, students who would be interested in computers are pushed away from programming. In my opinion, the native languages of operating systems are what draws children into programming careers. Furthermore, computer experts laugh and make a mockery of Windows because of Batch, and they will continue to support whatever other operating system and programming languages that they know, since almost everything is better than Batch. Therefore, I think Microsoft has lost a great deal of respect from computer experts and lost a greater deal of opportunities and support. In conclusion, I honestly think Microsoft hast lost and is losing a lot of money because of Batch's limitations.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/26/2011

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