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The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a semi-regulated policy to provide equal opportunity (such as in employment, education, and business) for groups that are discriminated and/or are minorities (such as race/color, religion/beliefs/creed, gender, sexual orientation, and/or national origin).

At first glance, affirmative action seems like a positive policy to help society; however as with all big government policies, there are several unintended consequences both good and bad. So, let us review the advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action.

The Advantages of Affirmative Action
  1. Affirmative action counters and/or compensates the effects of past and continued discrimination, persecution, and/or exploitation against minorities to provide more equal opportunities in employment, education, and business.
  2. Affirmative action help provide diversification at schools, at work, and among entrepreneurship.
The Disadvantages of Affirmative Action
  1. Affirmative action devalues the accomplishments by minorities, because affirmative action gives preference to groups instead of the accomplishments, experiences, and qualifications of individuals who might be in the minority. As a result, affirmative action can become counter-productive to its own cause.
  2. Affirmative action is widely considered reverse discrimination by holding back more qualified and experienced individuals in the majority groups. Therefore, affirmative action hinders reconciliation between the minority and majority groups by replacing old wrongs with new wrongs and provoking violence (especially racial tension) and aggression against groups that affirmative action favors. As a result, affirmative action fails to achieve the goals of true social equality.
  3. Individuals from majority groups intentionally designate themselves as members of preferred minority groups to reap the benefits of being in a minority. As a result, this prevents individuals in majority groups who state that they are in minority groups from performing at their very best.
  4. Even though quotas for minorities are mostly illegal (for instance, they are illegal in the Unites States), quotas are secretly used to help prevent and defend against affirmative action lawsuits.
  5. Discrimination is still a common occurrence, so affirmative action does not completely satisfy its original intent.
  6. Mismatching happens when affirmative action places a minority individual into a school or employment that is higher or too difficult for that minority individual to handle. Without affirmative action, individuals would be better placed in schools and employment that is more suited for their skills, experiences, and qualifications.

When I original started writing this article, I was mostly in favor of affirmative action. However, with all that I have recently learned, I am much more dubious of the merits of affirmative action.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/14/2012

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