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The Pros and Cons of Legalizing Prostitution

Prostitution may be the world’s oldest profession; however, it is still very controversial. Let's review both the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing prostitution.

Reasons For Legalizing Prostitution
  1. Victimless Crime: Prostitution is considered a victimless crime as long as the people involved are consenting adults and no one is hurt. Prostitution does not imply there is always a victim.
  2. Free Choice: Consenting adults should have freedom of choice as they see fit, as long it is does not restrict the freedoms of others.
  3. Free Sex is Legal: Having sex without a fee is legal, therefore charging for something that is not illegal should not make that something illegal.
  4. Acceptable Morality: Having sex with someone who you are not married to is legal and morally acceptable in most cultures. Having sex for entertainment purposes is also legal and morally acceptable in most cultures.
  5. Less Violence, Rapes, and Human Trafficking: In countries and states where prostitution is legal, it has been proven to be physically and emotionally safer than where prostitution is illegal. Furthermore, legalize prostitution even reduces crime rates, rapes, and human sex trafficking. It is obvious that the number of rapes decreases when there are legal alternatives that are more easily available. Furthermore, human sex trafficking decreases because legalized prostitution decreases the need for middle men or pimps and increases the number of prostitutes.
  6. Fewer Diseases: In countries and states where prostitution is legal, the risk of sexual transmitted diseases is slower than where prostitution is illegal. This is because prostitutes have better access to doctors, medicines, sex education, and contraceptives that prevent and reduce sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as condoms. Furthermore, countries that legalize prostitution and require periodic testing for STDs have an even further lower rate of transmitting STDs.
  7. Lowers unemployment: Without the illegality and stigmatism of prostitution, more people work as prostitutions. And with fewer middle men and pimps, prostitutes even earn more, thus increasing the number of people willing to work as prostitutes.
  8. Big Business and Taxation: Prostitution has always existed and has been proven impossible to be completely eradicate. Therefore, the obvious solution is to turn prostitution into a business that can be regulated, monitored, and taxed (increase government revenue) like every other business.
  9. Other Employment: Without less stigmatism of prostitution, it would make it much easier for prostitutes to transition to other lines of work that are more respectable, better pay, and safer.

Reasons Against Legalizing Prostitution
  1. Morally Wrong: Some (not all) cultures and religions believe prostitution to be morally wrong. These cultures and religions typically believe that people should only have sex with people that they are married to. This belief is extremely controversial and inconsistent.
  2. Degrading: Prostitution is considered degrading to everyone involved. This belief is also inconsistent.
  3. Forced Economic Reasons: Many prostitutes do not choose their profession; but rather, some prostitutes are forced into the profession because of economic needs with no or few alternatives.
  4. Human Trafficking: Many prostitutes are forced into the profession by others; and therefore, prostitution is not their freedom of choice.

  5. Violence: Prostitution has a very high rate violence when compared to other professions even where prostitution is legal.

  6. Diseases: Prostitution promotes the spread of diseases, since not everyone uses protections.

  7. Social Instability: Legalized prostitution results with a higher rate of unmarried men. Furthermore, legalized prostitution increases the rate of husbands cheating on their wives.
While I am not an expert on this topic, I believe the advantages slightly outweigh the disadvantages of legalizing prostitution. However, it is for you to decide what you believe.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/02/2011

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