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The Pros and Cons of Pornography

Pornography is a very controversial issue that has many facts and opinions, so I wanted to list each advantage and disadvantage of pornography to help clarify this issue.

Reasons For Pornography
  1. Attitude Improvement towards Sex: Pornography improves the attitude and opinion towards sex and the human body.
  2. Exhaust Valve: Pornography is a method of releasing sexual tension and relaxing to improve the human body and mind.
  3. Disease Free Viewing: Watching pornography does not contract sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Preventing Diseases: In most countries, pornographic actors and actresses are required to undergo periodic testing of sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, these actors and actresses have a lower percentage of diseases then the regular population.
  5. Economic Benefits: Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry providing a large number of jobs including actors, actresses, directors, film crews, editors, technical staff, etc.
  6. Entertainment: Pornography is a form of entertainment.
  7. Crime: While there have been studies that link pornography to crime, there have similar studies that do NOT link pornography to crime. Therefore, there is no concrete proof of an increase of violence or sexual crimes caused by pornography. It is currently believed that the sexual release of watching pornography probably decreases crimes more than it increases crimes.

Reasons Against Pornography
  1. Obscenity: Pornography is widely considered morally questionable and obscene in many, but not all, cultures.
  2. Religion and Beliefs: Some, but not all, religions and beliefs are against pornography, because pornography is considered a type of adultery and unfaithfulness.
  3. Feminism: Many people consider pornography demeaning to men and especially women.
  4. Economic Coercion: Pornography is often considered exploitive to lower income people.
  5. Harm: Pornography can cause both psychological and physical harm.
  6. Unrealistic Expectations: Pornography can cause unrealistic expectations and desensitize people, thus pornography can ruin relationships.
  7. Addiction: Pornography can become an addiction.
  8. Ramifications: Long-term social ramifications can negatively impact pornographic actors and actresses long after they have had a change of opinion or social class or status.
  9. Law: Pornography is illegal in some countries.
In conclusion, there are many reasons for and against pornography. It is interesting to note that most of the reasons for pornography are facts, while most of the reasons against pornography are subjective and not consistent.

In the end, everyone must decide for themselves if pornography is good or bad.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/07/2012

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