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The Secret to a Clean Home

The secret of having a clean home is to never let it get too dirty. The secret of having an organized home is to never let it get too messy.

I typically spend about five to fifteen minutes each day putting things back where they belong or cleaning a little bit a time. That's it! That is my complete secret of having my house always clean and organized.

Of course, I periodically do major clean up, such as after a party or cleaning out a closet that is seldom used. And don't ask about my garage, because I truly believe there should be one place in a house that is typically a mess just for the sake of speed and convenience.

However, I find that always maintaining where I live and work is mentally calming both during the cleaning and afterwards when relaxing, as long as it is not too much work at any given time. In other words, cleaning should never take long enough to get boring or physically tiring.

Give this advice a try, and see if it suits your personality too.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/24/2008

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