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The Source of All Evil

A lot of people think that money is the root of all evil; however I think this is somewhat misleading. I think money is not evil, but rather how people respond to or react to money (including not having money) is one of the greatest causes of evil.

For instance, I think that greed is one of the main sources of evil. Some people and companies do truly evil acts in their attempts to accumulate wealth, even if they are already wealthy. Their typical justification is that selfishness and greed are virtues and not vices.

In my opinion, another source of evil is poverty or otherwise known as having the lack of money. People are more easily willing to bend or overlook their morality in an effort to overcome their economic status, even for only a little bit of money with temporary financial relief.

As a result, I do not think that money is the root of all evil; but rather, the desire of people and companies to acquire money can be one of the greatest sources of evil. Or more simply, people and businesses are the root of all evil.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/05/2012

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