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The Turtle and the Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit and a turtle. They were the best of friends, and both of them did very well in school. However, it was the turtle who would always help the rabbit study for exams and check the rabbit’s homework. After all, they were best friends. Even with the turtle’s help, the turtle would almost always do better on tests and homework, and thus get better grades than his friend the rabbit.

Then one day when both of them were older, both of them decided to go to college together. Both of them applied to the best college in the land, called the Forest Institute of Technology. This college has mostly turtles attending. As a result, the rabbit was quickly accepted to attend this college with a full scholarship. However, the turtle with better grades was not accepted. From there on, they both went down different paths in life.

About two years later, the turtle by chance ran into the rabbit at a smaller and less prestigious local university that the turtle was attending. After talking and catching up with his old friend, the turtle learned that the rabbit dropped out of better university because of poor grades and registered at the local university instead.

The End

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/21/2007

Disclaimer: This fable was based on a true story.

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