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The Ultimate Green Wedding

If you are fully committed to sustainable living and the eco-friendly lifestyle, it is only natural that this passion will come across in all aspects of your life. Therefore, if you have recently got engaged and are starting to plan your wedding, it makes sense that having an environmentally friendly wedding will be high up on your list of priorities.

Whether you want a completely green wedding or simply wish to incorporate an element of sustainability into your big day, there are plenty of ways in which you can go about making sure your wedding is an eco-friendly occasion. From the venue to the decorations to the perfect wedding supplies and tableware, read on for some top tips to guarantee your wedding is as green as can be.


In recent years, finding the most outlandish wedding venues seems to have become a rather bizarre yet popular trend. From hot air balloons to roller coasters, you can now get married virtually anywhere you like. If traditional churches or registry office venues donít work for you, you may wish to consider an outdoor wedding instead.

Outdoor weddings are the perfect environmentally-conscious option. Do away with the hassle of organizing church weddings and booking traditional venues and get back to nature. There is something incredibly romantic about the great outdoors Ė from a gorgeous sunset wedding to a peaceful forest clearing to a beautiful beach, there is certainly no shortage of options to pick from. So have a think and choose an outdoor location that works for you. Whatís more, with an outdoor wedding you donít need to worry about expensive venue hire or guest numbers Ė as itís outside, there will be plenty of room for all of your guests.


Outdoor weddings donít require much in the way of decoration, making them perfect for couples on a tight budget. Some simple homemade fabric bunting is all the decoration you need for a vintage themed wedding. Twinkling fairy lights and flickering candles in re-purposed mason jars will create a lovely atmosphere, especially when the sun starts to set. Create handmade favors and centerpieces for the tables, or simply opt for fresh floral arrangements matching the bridal bouquet. Decorations donít have to break the bank; a homemade touch will show your guests just how much thought has gone into every aspect of the day.

Wedding Supplies and Tableware

What food will you be serving at your wedding reception? Whether you go for a buffet or a full sit-down meal, itís important to pick food that both you and your guests will love. For a vintage themed wedding, why not make it into a picnic style meal? Whatever food you decide to serve, make sure that it is organic or locally-sourced to keep the green theme going strong.

Food aside, your tableware is another vital part of the decoration. Where possible, choose wedding supplies that tie in with the overall theme of your wedding and decorations Ė although some quirkiness is essential for making the day unique, on the whole, consistency is key when it comes to wedding planning.

Make sure to stock up on plenty of disposable plates for your wedding. Paper plates and cups can look rather cheap and flimsy, so it may be worth looking into other eco-friendly disposable tableware alternatives instead.

Of course, these are only a few suggestions to help get you thinking about planning your big day. After all, your wedding is an incredibly personal event - one which should reflect yours and your partnerís personalities above all else. If your heart is set on a green and eco-friendly wedding, make sure to do plenty of research and get creative Ė the big day will be here before you know it!

by Aaron
on 03/03/2017

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