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There is No Shortage of IT Professionals

If you listen to politicians, the media, and large companies, they would have you believe there is a shortage of technical engineers and scientists.

This is blatantly not true. As proof, I'd like to offer these three facts. First, if there was a shortage of technical workers, than the salaries of technical workers would be increasing accordingly. Instead, engineering and science salaries have remain almost flat during the past ten years or so. Second, whenever the high tech companies that I have worked for posts a new vacant job position, we get a flood of resumes. We receive about twenty to hundred resumes per position after human resources filters them for us ahead of time. I have even spoken with several other engineers and managers throughout the country, and they all agree that there are a large number of engineers looking for jobs. Some of these engineers are unemployed, and some are currently employed looking for a job change. Finally, unemployment is high across all fields. While IT has been more fortunate than other fields, it still has the highest unemployment rate since the mid 1990s. Therefore, there are a lot of engineers looking for work. As a result, there is no shortage of engineers and scientists in the United States.

However, there is a shortage of cheap engineers and scientists. Meaning that some companies have been having problems hiring IT professionals at the salaries that the companies prefer (i.e. low salaries). Thus, companies outsource and off shore a lot of their work in an effort to cut salary costs. American companies are actively hiring a large number of engineers in China and India where the salaries are significantly lower than the United States, even though there are a lot of unemployed American engineers.

Therefore again, there is no shortage of engineers or scientists in the United States.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/15/2012

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