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Think Before Donating

How can people, who are in debt, feel comfortable donating? Even to a worthy cause?

Sure, multi-billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, can give away most of their net worth and still live very comfortably for the rest of their lives. Even if both of them give away 99% of their assets, they would still have hundreds of millions of dollars each. That is still enough money for all their children and grandchildren too.

The average person is in some form of debt, such as home mortgages, credit card balances, car payments, taxes, etc. How can the average person feel comfortable enough to be in debt and still donate money to what they think are worthy causes? I think that a lot of people, who can not afford it, are giving their hard earned money away.

Even people, who make large sums of money each year and who are still in debt, donate generously as long as money keeps rolling in. What if their jobs suddenly disappears, or if they must stop working for expensive medical reasons? These people will continue owing a lot of money and probably have no means of paying. Most of these people will probably take considerable amount of time to find another job, before they can resume paying their debts.

I have several friends who live paycheck to paycheck, yet continue to give to those who they think are less fortunate than they are. My friends may not give much, but I do worry that they will eventually be one of those less fortunate people, because they are not saving and investing for retirement, unemployment, or just bad luck.

One of my pet peeves is tithes that some churches require or ask for from their congregations. Historically speaking, most churches required ten percent of each church memberís salary to be donated to the church, and a lot of churches still practice this tithing. The problem with tithing is that most church goers are not financially well off. Will the church support them if they lose their jobs, such as paying their rent or mortgage? Not likely. Even collecting small amounts of money in collection baskets is harmful, even if minor, to most congregations.

I know I will definitely be a generous donator or philanthropist if I become a multi-millionaire, when I know I am permanently financially secure. However, I will only consider myself financially secure when I know that if I lose my job, I wonít also lose my house or my retirement assets even if it takes me a long time to find another job.

I will continue to donate my old clothes, furniture, and knick knacks to Good Will and other similar organizations, since I know this wonít financially harm me especially since I will probably just throw those items away. Yet, I wonít easily donate any money unless I feel that I truly can afford it even in the worse possible situations.

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by Phil for Humanity
on 03/14/2007

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