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Think Before You Speak

I think almost everyone is familiar with this old adage.

"Think before you speak."

However, I have a problem with this saying. If I think before I speak, then I'd probably never speak.

Seriously, if I give too much thought for anything that I might say, I would eventually find a logical reason to not say anything. Furthermore, if I give myself too much time to think about saying something, I would most likely lose my opportunity to say whatever I wanted to say.

I know quite a few people, especially one of my friends in particular, who are extremely reserved.. not shy.. just very cautious with everything they say and do. It is as if they are too afraid or caring to be spontaneous or daring with their words. I think these people do not realize that this causes awkwardness with everyone new that they encounter and even their lifelong friends too. In my opinion, this is a major social handicap.

On the other hand, I have found that my words are a great source of expression and freedom. Even if the first words out of my mouth are not perfect, my ideas and emotional state are almost always understood immediately.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/07/2008

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