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Tips for Creating Customized Greeting Cards

Want to surprise your loved ones?

There is no better way than gifting a greeting card. There has always been a little charm attached to greeting cards. They are old yet a beautiful way to express your love, care, gratitude, and respect for your loved ones. Any expensive gift assorted with a lovely greeting card increases its value and makes it worth the attention. If the cards are designed by you, it’s just like adding cherry on top of the cake. There are several techniques by which you can design and make beautiful cards. Here are some tips:

By Using Software

Different software can help you design customized cards. You want to know which software can help you surprise your loved ones? Here goes the list:

Print Artist Platinum: It is one of the best software which can be used for customization of greeting cards as it comes loaded with templates, clip arts, and photo images. You can use your own pictures from your personal computers and design a customized card with memories of your loved ones. You can enhance the effect by pasting text on it of your choice.

Print Master Platinum: If you are someone who likes to have plenty of colors, this software is for you as it has fancy, colorful designs, and special greeting card effects. It provides good amount of templates, design, and editing tools to produce a really beautiful card.

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe: This software belongs to one of the biggest greeting card makers of the world “Hallmark”. Greeting cards customized by this software looks as polished and as professional as they sell in stores.

By Using Apps

Smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, and others, have apps developed to create a customized greeting card for every occasion possible. For example, an app iphoto for iPhone with its special features allows creating printed as well as eCards in case you do not prefer paper.

Greeting Card Shop from Chores Inc. is another option that you can download on your iPhone and design a single-fold, double-fold, or even tri-fold card in a short span, if you are not graphically challenged. It even offers an option for creating your own templates, if you are a man with digital expertise.

By Using 3D Effects

Cards that you find in stores are made by experts and thus have different features like 3D pictures or text that make them look spontaneous and attractive. You can do this by learning this feature of using pictures to give it a 3-dimensional effect. Just select a picture for your card and then paste the same picture upon the previous to give it a 3-D effect. It is a digital effect that you can be used when preparing a physical. If you are making a card, you can use foam or cotton and paste your picture and text upon it so that the picture seems like coming out of the base giving it a look, hard to ignore.

By Using Photoshop

Photoshop is used for making posters, creating designer pamphlets, brochures, and so on. Making greeting cards using Photoshop is an easy task as this software is very flexible in terms of layouts, photos, and text placement. Its color management feature is the best option to enhance pictures and texts placement. If you want to print text or graphics on the inside of your card, print that information first. This means the photo side will only pass through the printer once, which limits the possibility of scratching.

Using these software applications for customizing your greeting cards may need a little bit of effort, but it shows great results. Even a non tech-savvy person can use these applications with the help of tutorials present online and can quickly come out with really beautiful customized greeting cards that your loved ones can never deny to accept.

by Alison Brown
on 09/02/2014

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