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To All Global Warming Deniers

Dear Global Warming Deniers,

Let us assume for a moment that global warming is false. In other words, even though greenhouse gases, such as carbon emissions (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.), are increasing in the atmosphere, we assume they are not impacting the environment or Earth's temperatures in any part or at least significantly.

In fact, most global warming deniers believe that most, if not all, of the planet's temperature changes are caused by the fluctuations in the amount of sunlight reaching the planet. We are assuming that these global warming deniers are correct, with little or no regard to scientific evidence to the contrary.

Even with these assumptions, we should still convert to alternative based fuels for the following good reasons.

First, we would have clean air. Just by stop burning coal, oil, gasoline, etc. would drastically improve the quality of the air. It has been proven that burning fuels is harmful to breathe. Just think of all the smog in large cities that would slowly disappear and a significant drop in the number of asthma cases. Many lives would be saved.

Second, most of the money spent on fossil fuels is being sent to countries that are against most Western countries, religions, democracies, and philosophies. This money can be better spent at home for domestic energy sources.

Third, fuel prices would probably stabilize. Most of the oil produced comes from the war prone area of the Middle East. Having domestic energy sources would better stabilize the sources and prices of fuel.

Finally, having domestic energy sources would mean countries would be more self sufficient and less dependent on other countries and their politics.

Now, do you need any more reasons to support the fight against global warming? I think not.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/03/2009

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