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Being Too Serious

As far as I can recall, I have often been told that I am way too serious. I admit that I am very serious most of the time but not too serious, because seriousness has always been very natural to me. I believe this is because of my desire to always improve myself and my dislike of imperfections. As a result, I am hyper-critical of everyone including myself, everything I do, and even the world around me. Now you understand why almost everyone that I know believes that I am too serious.

Therefore, I think that you will also agree that I am an expert at being serious. So, it may be a surprise that I tell you that there are several problems with being too serious. Here are just a few of the most common problems with seriousness.

  1. Stress: Being serious all of the time can be very stressful. For instance, the feeling of always having to be solemn and responsible can be overwhelming.
  2. Worry: When someone is too serious, they tend to worry a lot. Even insignificant issues become worrisome to someone who is too serious. Major issues become even more worrisome than they should be.
  3. Anxiety: People who are too serious tend to have great anticipation or fears that preoccupy their thoughts.
  4. Depression: When serious people concentrate mostly on serious issues that are mostly out of their control, they tend to become more depressed.
  5. Decision Making: When someone is full of stress, worry, anxiety, and depression, they are less clearheaded to think logically and carefully. Furthermore, these people tend to accomplish less too, since they are so preoccupied.
  6. Boredom: Serious individuals tend to become more bored with mundane tasks. They prefer to work on more important tasks and solve problems instead.
  7. Interactions: Being too serious can negatively affect interactions with other people, thus resulting with poor social skills and fewer friends.
As a result, being too serious most of the time can have detrimental effects to a personís happiness, health, and social life.

Fortunately, there is a simple and easy suggestion to help anyone become less serious. Just set aside some time each day when no important tasks need to be or will be done. This will be the down time to just relax. Do not do anything that s stressful or exciting, such as watching television or reading the newspaper if they tend to aggravate you. Instead, I recommend bicycling, jogging, walking, or even just talking with a friend.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/02/2008

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