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Top 4 Benefits of Wearing Safety Footwear

You already have the appropriate safety clothing, hard hats as well as goggles and additional protective gear for your job, so now you wondering whether it is worthwhile investing money into purchasing safety work boots for yourself or for your employees. Well, here are the top five reasons why this investment is definitely worthwhile and can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run:

#1 Safety comes first at the workplace

There are national and industry regulations and standards for ensuring maximum safety at the workplace for the various industries which need to be adhered to. It is the right of each and every employee to have their health and safety at their workplace properly controlled and protected. Depending on whether you are working in construction, and oil field, in a warehouse or outdoors fighting forest fires, the safety measures, gear, clothing and footwear differ. It is essential that your footwear provides maximum safety for you at all times when on the job, so if unsure check the specific regulations and standards for safety for your particular job.

#2 Safety work boots and footwear provides protection like no other

No matter what is your job, wearing the appropriate safety work footwear can save you from serious injuries to the feet, legs and to the entire body. In some cases wearing the appropriate safety shoes can even save your life! If you are working in the logging industry - one of the most dangerous industries in the US, it is a good idea to get high quality logging boots like these from So, depending on your job and the possible risks associated with it, consider getting safety boots with toe protection, slip resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, puncture resistance, metatarsal protection, electrical hazard protection or other.

#3 The proper safety footwear will help keep you or your employees healthy

By wearing comfortable and appropriate safety footwear will not only protect you from accidents, but will also help you maintain the proper posture and get the proper support necessary to keep your feet, legs, back and neck healthy and well even after long hours of strenuous work. Lineman for example, put a lot of strain on their feet and back, and need high quality lineman boots like these. Keeping workers healthy and well will improve productivity and reduce the need or use of sick leave.

#4 Ensuring that workers are wearing the appropriate safety footwear will protect employers from potential lawsuits

Non-compliance to the industry regulations which has led to injury, a serious incident or death will most definitely lead to a lawsuit which no employer wants to happen. Providing workers with all personal protection gear, clothing and footwear will save you a lot of money and time which can be spent on expensive lawsuits following a work-related incident.

Nowadays, footwear manufacturers are making safety boots and footwear for just about any profession, so the choice is big. Finding the appropriate durable, good quality safety boots which comply with the safety standards and regulations for your industry will definitely prove to be a wise investment in the long run. They will help workers stay safe and healthy, do their jobs efficiently, and will reduce the risk of injuries, incidents and possible law suits being filed. So, in the long run - there are quite a few benefits of buying safety work boots for yourself or for your employees if you are an employer!

by Mike Pierce
on 03/08/2017

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