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A Trashcan in your Car

While in your car, how often do you have trash that you want to throw away but are unable to?

If the trash is small enough, you could try putting your trash into the ashtray or cup holder. But most likely, most trash will not fit. For example, if you purchased a meal or two at a drive thru, it will most likely end up scattered through the car until you manually pick and throw away each piece of trash after youíve reached your destination, assuming you find all the trash.

My solution is extremely solution: Add a small trashcan in your car. I personally like using a small box that closes shut so that trash wonít fall out when the trashcan rolls about in the car while I drive. I recommend using those small plastic boxes that baby wipes come in, since it is quick and easy to add trash to the box without looking. Or maybe you can use a cigar box or a small postal box. This trashcan just should have a lid that you can easily open and close shut, maybe with some tape to keep it securely closed. If your box becomes too messy or full, you can easily clean it or even just throw it away. Just remember to replace the box with a new box if you do.

This solution has one major problem. There is no great place to store this box. It is almost always in the way. For instance, this trashcan is often moved from the passengerís seat, to between the two front seats, to the passengerís side floor, and back again.

Maybe cars should be designed with a trashcan that can be easily removed and washed, so that this problem would not exist.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/15/2010

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