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Two Pairs of Trash Cans at Home

Iíve recently noticed that recyclable trash is thrown away with non-recyclable trash in most homes... even in my own house. That is why I now have two pairs of trash cans where I make this mistake most often.

First, besides the regular kitchen trash, I also keep a plastic shopping bag just for collecting recyclable containers that are made of plastic, aluminum, tin, or glass. This saves me numerous trips to the outside recycling bin where I use to carry only a few recyclable items at a time.

The other place where I incorrectly throw out a lot of recyclables is by my computer desk. This is where I spend the most amount of time, go through my snail mail, take notes, pay my bills, write articles, and read newspapers and magazines. This is why I now keep a paper bag by my desk for recycling even the smallest bits of paper. That way as I go through my mail, bills, newspapers, and magazines, I can easily and conveniently separate my recyclable paper trash from the comfortable of my chair. This saves me the time and headache of separating the recyclable from the non-recyclables outside when all the trash is mixed together.

Having two pairs of trash cans in my home does not cost me anything, yet it is even more convenient to recycle than before and it gives me the peace of mind that I am now recycling even more too. I highly recommend everyone to try this easy method to help the environment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/29/2008

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