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Umbrellas, Umbrellas, Umbrellas

I finally figured out how many umbrellas each person needs. And the answer is a lot.

Let me explain how many umbrellas that I have and why, and you can determine how many you need.

First, I keep two umbrellas in my car. By the driver's seat, I have a small umbrella that can automatically open and close by a push of a button, since it is extremely important to reduce the amount of time it takes to open and close an umbrella when you are getting rained on. Especially since I can not open or close an umbrella inside of my car ahead of time. I also have a large or golf umbrella in the back seat for passengers to share. It is typically lying flat beneath the back window. This is also true for my wife's car too. So far, that is a total of 4 umbrellas that we have.

Second, both my wife and I keep an umbrella at work in our offices, in case we want to go out to lunch or go home when it is raining. That is two more umbrellas for a total of six umbrellas so far.

Next, I keep an umbrella by the front door of our house, in case it is raining when I want to leave the house, just pick up the mail, or throw out the trash.. That is a total of seven umbrellas.

Finally, my wife and I each have an ultra compact umbrella that easily fits in most purses, backpacks, and laptop bags. We use these umbrellas when we are on the go, and we do not want to carry a large umbrella for the whole day. Here is a picture of the Kobold Umbrella (Model: Absolute 808) that is small and compact, however it can be carried on the outside of our bags thus saving space inside of our bags.

Kobold Umbrella Absolute 808 model with carrying case

So, that makes a total of nine umbrellas for only two people. That may sound like a ridiculous number of umbrellas to have, but it makes it very convenient no matter where we are. Especially if you also live in an area that rains frequently and out of the blue.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/18/2009

P.S. I strongly recommend umbrellas from Kobold International. They have umbrellas of extremely high quality and unique artistic designs. You can find them on Amazon.

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