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Understanding Emergency Food Supplies

The emergency food market is thriving. More and more people are buying emergency foods. So why are people buying emergency food supplies?

Following the recent natural disasters and the accompanying power outages, more and more “survivalists” are stocking on “emergency foods supplies”. These people go for full-fledged meals offered by brands like Mountain House etc. These people go for quantity over taste as they are stocking up and not really indulging in them until required.

Then there are the frequent outdoor adventurers. Freeze dried food is almost a must for them. Mountain House is well loved by this segment. They sell food in convenient one pack one meal packages. And it is easy to prepare with “good enough” taste.

Some companies also sell “components”. Freeze dried vegetables, meats and fruits. They are to be used in cooking. This sector has been increasing at a steady growth rate.

So are there types of Emergency foods?

There are Freeze Dried foods and Dehydrated foods.

So what is the difference between the two? Well freeze drying is a new method of preserving. Freeze dried foods have better taste, longer shelf life and higher nutritional value. And as expected, freeze dried foods are more expensive compared to dehydrated foods.

Dehydration is the old school method of preserving food. Dehydration can be done even at home. Dehydration leads to more compact food sizes and is a cheaper alternative.

Famous Emergency Food Brands

Mountain House is the most talked about when it comes to freeze dried food products. They offer complete meals and their reviews regarding flavor are generally positive. However buying from their website is not a good idea. A quick search shows that websites like Nitro-Pak have better prices and availability.

WiseFoods is also quite famous. WiseFoods is more economical than Mountain House, though its taste has mixed reviews. WiseFoods has a good range of meals. Also it is suitable for people stocking up on food for emergencies. It offers buckets which contain up to 12 servings. The food itself is stored in Mylar pouches. The meat products have a 15 year shelf life. Free samples are also provided. WiseFoods also has small pouches for the backpacking community.

Legacy Foods is comparatively an economical option compared to the brands above. They sell complete ready-made meals and also single ingredients to be used for cooking meals. Besides emergency use, their ready-made meals are a perfect option for those short on time; a full-fledged meal (including entrees) will be ready in less than 30 minutes.

Also Legacy Foods products are certified GMO free. They sell mostly through online re-sellers.

Are emergency foods good for your health?

Recent research has shown that freeze dried foods retain most of their nutrients. Also brands like Legacy sell foods which are free from GMO ingredients.

Overall people do trust these brands and many have incorporated freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients in every day cooking.

Author Bio:

Barney Whistance is a passionate Finance, Heavy Machinery and Lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. You can find him using Twitter and LinkedIn.

by Barney Whistance
on 04/28/2016

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