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Understanding the Sanctity of Marriage

Recently, politicians are talking a lot about the sanctity of marriage. So, I decided to do some investigating. I started off by finding out that exact definition of the word sanctity, and I discovered that sanctity means holiness, sacred, or saintly. Thus, "sanctity of marriage" literally means holy matrimony.

This may seem like common sense, however I think politicians are either not understanding or do not care about the true mean of sanctity of marriage.

Specifically, anything that has sanctity or is holy is by definition religious. Keep in mind that separation of church and state specifically does not allow the government's involvement into church and religion. Meaning the government should not decide what is or is not in the definition of the religious marriage. Thus, politicians should not decide on the definition of sanctity of marriage either. It is a matter solely defined by the church or one's belief.

Now what needs to be determined is if the government should be allowed to define the meaning of a non-religious marriage. The government, judges, and captains of boats are already capable of joining a couple in marriage. These marriages can be with or without religious involvement whatsoever. Thus proving that marriages can be without sanctity or religion, therefore sanctity of marriage can be optional according to the beliefs of the couples getting married. Hence, there should be no serious religious debate or concern about how the government defines a non-religious marriage.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/20/2012

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