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Uniting Governments

As of 2006, there are 193 countries in the world. Actually, this number is under considerable debate. Some nations (especially China) do not consider Taiwan a country. And since the Vatican City (yes, it is officially a country) is not a member of the United Nations, it is sometimes not being counted as an independent nation. But no matter how many countries there are exactly, there is still a need.. a very strong need that very few people ever realize.

The need is that the world is too fractured. Not that the countries themselves are too fractured, but that there are too many countries. There are no longer any reasons for so many nations to be isolationistic and individually competing with one another. Furthermore, most countries are peaceful and are extremely similar to their neighbors. For instance, how much of a difference is there between the United States of America and Canada? Or the Dominican Republic and Haiti? Or with most South American countries? Or even some African countries? The answer is not much.

Sure these countries are different. They have different cultures, governments, and even speak different languages, but the world is no longer a set of independent countries competing against each other. Most nations are at peace with their neighbors. There is massive trade across borders. Countries are no longer self-sufficient or economically independent. Any advantage or benefit that a country has will ultimately help and improve their neighboring countries as well. Furthermore, nations are becoming more and more alike as time goes by.

The benefits of merging governments are huge. Simple put, this would remove a MASSIVE amount of redundancies. Here are some examples. Each nation would not need a separate military. If two countries merge, then their new military would be greater than the sum of each country's individual military. Thus, this new government could decrease the size of their new combined military, because their new military is more than they need. Also, merging governments would remove excess political wastes. It is much cheaper for a single president to rule 10 million people than two presidents ruling 5 million people each. This would also have economic and social benefits as well that would be impossible to calculate. Additionally, this would force different types of people to cooperate even more among each other. This would increase standardization between people, a common language, and improved quality of life since the new governments would have much more money and resources that are saved by reducing the number of redundant costs to run multiple governments to help their people.

In conclusion, the world's countries are becoming so intertwined economically and culturally that the concept of individual, self-sufficient, and self-determining governments is quickly coming to an end. Uniting of similar countries can and will greatly help society become even greater than they were before. So, I recommend the small nations around the world to seriously consider uniting with other similar countries to increase the strength and economic prosperity for your people.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/23/2006

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