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Voice Mail Enhancement Idea

I think everyone who owns a telephone, either cell phone or land line, would agree that all voice mail systems are slow and difficult to use, in addition to requiring to remember another log in id and password.

My solution to this problem is to have voice mail systems the option to email the voice messages as a file attachment. The attachment can be of any file type, such as .wav or .mp3 file format. The computers can even try to auto-transcribe the voice mail message as the body of the email. People with smart phones, such as the iPhone, could still listen to their voice mails from the email boxes instead of their voice mailboxes.

This option would be turned on when an email address is provided to the telephone system provider. With this feature, these telephone system providers could reduce costs, since they would no longer be required to store a large amount of voice messages on their voice mail systems. Therefore, this feature enhancement is a win-win for both customers and businesses.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/26/2010

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