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This is a Social Bookmarking Experiment

Recently, I've been quite upset that a lot of truly awful articles have been making to the front page of social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Netscape, Reddit, and Slashdot just to name a few. While my articles of similar yet better content (in my opinion of course) get at most one or two votes besides myself.

So, I am starting to think that people are cheating the system for almost every article that makes it to the front page. You may be saying that my articles are probably all horrible, incorrectly advertised, etc., and I won’t deny that. However, I find it strange that even my best articles only get about five to ten pageviews from any particular social bookmarking site. If this is the norm for everyone, then I do not understand how any article gets to the front page unless there is a lot of cheating or people only read articles from the most popular submitters.

So, I thought of this simple experiment to see if people are really voting up good articles from nobodies like me. So what better way is there to get to the front page than simply asking for it?

This experiment will truly test my faith in social bookmarking. If this experiment works, then stay tuned for the results of this experiment.

Sincerely yours,

Phil for Humanity

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