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Waste Water Treatment can Reverse Global Warming

Waste water treatment is an ongoing process driven by necessity. However, current treatment process requires significant energy. Waste water treatment uses approximately three percent of all electrical usage in the United States. It also creates sludge (bio-solids) and greenhouse gas emissions (VOC, CH4, CO2, NOX, etc.). The bio-solids are reused as compost and fertilizers creating even more greenhouse gases. These gases emitted into the atmosphere returns to land and water stream in rainfall. Some pollutants that are not emitted remain in water even after treatment. This small amount of untreated pollutants is delivered straight to our home through tap water. So, the current process does not completely eliminate pollutants, and it creates dangerous greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Global warming is one of the most deteriorating factors to the Earth, and it poses a real threat to the livelihoods of each human being in the future.

The end product of compost is humus, specifically humic acid and fulvic acid. The current activated sludge process is unable to degrade these end products. These are emitted to air using aeration process that requires significant energy use. So, there is still a need to change the current process to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and reverse the global warming trend.

There is one way. This new approach provides the solution by cultivating algae and diatom. These plants absorb all the organic matters and minerals (NO3, NH4, PO4, SO4, etc.) during photosynthesis. Furthermore, significant amounts of CO2 is consumed, removing them from the air. Not only does this process remove CO2 from air, it does not emit any greenhouse gases. So, using natural sunlight, this method provides clean air and clean water. By applying this method to waste water treatment for human, animal, and industrial wastes, significant amount of greenhouse gases will stop being emitted into the air and additionally removed from it. Therefore, it will remove more than what is and has already emitted in the air and ultimately reverse the global warming.

A new research that applies this method to auto gas emissions is currently undergoing. The potential to remove greenhouse gases from the air is unlimited.

Please refer to this United States Patent for more information: 7297273.

by Anonymous
on 01/06/2010

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