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What You Can Do

People often wonder what they can do to help mankind and the environment. While there is no single or simple answer, I think these are the three primary things that everyone needs to do in order to help mankind and planet.
  1. Think globally, act locally. First, everyone can do their part by reducing, re-using, and recycling as much as possible. The fewer resources that people use, the better Earth and people will be in the long term.

  2. Contact your national politicians. Most people do not have enough money to finance environmental research or humanitarian projects, however most governments do. Since most people have a voice in their government, demand change by both voting and by using your voice. Call and write to your politicians, and demand continuous improvements. Never stop doing this. Ever.
  3. Enter politics. That's right. The best way to change the system is by becoming a part of the system. Become more than just knowledgeable and involved in politics, become a politician. Start by running for a small office with specific pet projects in mind. Then slowly work your way up into bigger positions of office. Don't forget to always have an agenda for improvement from day one.
It may be daunting for an individual to try solving the world’s problems, but the first step is deciding to do something… anything, no matter how small will help.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/18/2010

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