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Why Democracies Fail

Have you ever wondered why democracies fail? Wonder no longer. Here are the reasons why a democracy fails.

  1. Most people are stupid, don't care, or think they can not make a difference.
  2. Most politicians have power and money. Power corrupts. Money corrupts too. Most politicians want even more money and power. Therefore, most politicians are corrupt or corruptible.
  3. Most big businesses have a lot of money. Money buys power. Politicians have power. Money buys politicians. Most big businesses try buying politicians. Hence, most big businesses are evil.
  4. Fortunately, democracies are the only form of government that allows a peaceful transfer of power from one set of leaders to the next. Unfortunately, the main problem with democracies is that the next leaders are probably more of the same.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/01/2008

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