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Why Do Liberals Care and Conservatives Do Not Care

Before you read my opinion as to why I think liberals and conservatives think the way they do, please understand that I consider myself a fiscal conservative and yet a social liberal. In over simplification terms, I do not have a problem with the government helping people and staying out of people's personal affairs, however the government should NEVER ever be allowed to go into debt that it can not pay or immediately plan to pay back as soon as possible.

With that out in the open, here are the reasons that I believe why conservatives do not care and liberals do care.
  1. Education and Understanding: Science and reasoning make it obvious that mankind's affect on the planet is harming the environment, however conservatives refuse to accept evidence and conclusions of the majority of climate scientists. Only after climate change personal affected conservatives, would their opinions start to change. On the other hand, environmentalists tend to be over informed on climate and environmental issues.
  2. Imagination: There is a funny saying that goes something like this, “There is no such thing as a conservative artist.” Whether this is true or not, it does illustrate that a majority of artists tend to be liberal. I do not understand why conservatives tend to be less imaginative, but it does impact their beliefs. This reason, as well as the previous reason (education), is probably why conservatives tend to be much more religious and tend to believe what they are told from people of authority rather than educating themselves.
  3. Empathy: Finally, liberals tend to be more empathic or understanding and sharing the feelings of other people, while conservatives have a more “your on your own” philosophy. Again, I do not understand why there is this difference, however it is very pronounced between both groups of people.

Those are the three reasons why I believe there is a difference in opinions between conservatives and liberals. Please let me know if you think I missed something.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/11/2011

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