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Why Freshly Cut Grass Smells Good

I have a theory as to why freshly cut grass smells so good.

In nature, the primary reason for grass being cut is because an herbivore is grazing. In other words, a grass eater (such as a cow, goat, sheep, deer, rabbits, etc.) is having a meal of some grass. As a result, the grass releases some of that freshly cut smell. If a whole herd of herbivores is grazing, then the odor of the freshly cut grass would obviously be even stronger.

Now, my theory is simply this. The odor of freshly cut grass can and should attract carnivores to the location where herbivores are eating. Thus, carnivores can either catch their next meal or scare off the herbivores. Either way, the grass successes by having the herbivores no longer eating them. This is a prime example of how one species can manipulate a second species into helping both species.

Thus, the reason why freshly cut grass smells good is to probably help carnivores find herbivores that are eating the grass thus stopping the damage. This is possibly just another example of evolution creating a natural symbiotic relationship.

Therefore, if you are very attracted to the smell of freshly cut grass, then you are probably a meat eater.

by Phil for Humanity
on 04/17/2012

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