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Why Rumors are Bad

If you like rumors, ponder this rumor:

Rumor has it that rumors are become boring.

Not likely, I know. But I think I made a point.

Rumors are usually juicy pieces of information about someone or something that is entertaining or interesting whether or not they are true or not. Typically rumors are NOT true, thus they quickly become uninteresting and thus boring.

Next, rumors are a huge detriment to morale and productivity. Having people talk behind each other backs is demoralizing. Having people wonder what is really going on instead of working or studying can cause serious wastes of time and thus productivity will decrease.

What is worse, is that most people do not want rumors about themselves being spread around, however they enjoy hearing rumors about other people. What people need to understand is that the only way to stop rumors about themselves from spreading is to stop rumors in general. Meaning if someone else offers to tell you a rumor about someone or something else, politely stop them and ask for them not to spread unconfirmed rumors. As a result, do not listen to ANY rumor. If even people start doing this, then rumors about everyone will decrease significantly.

Now, re-read this idea:

Rumor has it that rumors are become boring.

Hasn't this rumor suddenly become much more true than when you first read it?

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/27/2011