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Why Would Aliens Attack Humanity?

Have you ever considered why an alien race from another planet would be interested in attacking Earth and humanity?

How I see it is if an alien race is technologically capable of interstellar space travel, then they do not need the raw resources (such as metals, water, hydrogen, gases, etc.) that Earth has an abundance of. This is because sufficiently advanced aliens with interstellar travel would have the technology to robotically mine billions of asteroids, comets, moons, and planets where literally all resources exist in plentiful quantities. Finding these resources should not be difficult for aliens either. So, aliens would not be interested in attacking humanity for Earth's raw resources.

That means the only thing on Earth of any potential interest to aliens would be life. Since we assume that aliens exist and can travel to Earth, then Earth's life would be exotic for them. They would not be able to use Earth's life as a food source, since Earth's life would probably contain dangerous chemicals, poisons, diseases, viruses, etc. for them. Nor would aliens be interested in human slaves, since their advanced technology would have robots that would be better than humans in every conceivable way. Maybe aliens would strictly be scientifically interested in Earth's life, such as to study our life for research or medical reasons. However, this means the aliens would be interested in keeping humanity alive rather than killing us.

If aliens are warmongering, then they would have probably destroyed themselves before they attained interstellar space travel. So it is not likely for aliens to be naturally aggressive as a reason for attacking humanity.

So that leaves only one possible reason that I can imagine for aliens attacking mankind, and that reason is fear. Aliens may fear how barbaric and warmongering the human race is, thus they believe a preemptive strike before mankind becomes a technological threat to their civilization. That means attacking aliens are most likely only after one single goal and that is to destroy mankind's civilization, rather than each and every person, before humanity is a real threat to them.

by Phil for Humanity
on 06/28/2011

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