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Why the Republican Party needs to Split

As far as I remember, the Republican Party consisted of both the conservative and the religious groups. This party was often called the "right wing" or just the "right" for short. However, an interesting change has occurred in the past few years. The Republican Party has leaned more to the right, meaning that the party has become neo-conservative ("neocon" for short) with the religious and pro-corporations portions of the party gaining much more power. As a result and in my opinion, the Republic Party has become less conservative.

Traditionally, conservative meant fiscal responsibility, support of old fashion values, and support of small businesses. In my opinion, this is everything that the modern Republican Party no longer supports. Apparently, the Republican Party now supports socialism for large companies (such as banks, credit, housing, and insurance companies) and is no longer interested in balancing the budget or lowering the U.S. National Debt. Additionally, they continue to support economic stimulus package that have been proven to not work for the middle class and small business owners.

This is why I think that the current Republican Party desperately needs to split into two parties. I envision a new Fiscal Conservative Party (let me be the first to name this new party) that returns to the old fashion values of demanding a balanced yearly budget from our government, a consistent lowering of the growing National Debt, and truly support small businesses instead of large corporations and their lobbyists. These are the values and concerns that I think most Americans will stand behind and vote for.

Unlikely the current Libertarian Party that wants to completely rebuild the economy of the United States, the Fiscal Conservative Party would be more concerned with fixing the economy. For instance, when Libertarian Party members say they want to dissolve the Federal Reserve for causing the current major economic catastrophe and for making the economy worse, most Americans have no understanding what that means and have no desire to understand it either. Furthermore, when Libertarian Party members say they want a more strict interpretation of the Constitution, most Americans just do not understand what this means. Thus, the Libertarian Party, with similar values to the Fiscal Conservative Party, is primarily for the educated elite and not supported by most Americans.

However, if the Fiscal Conservative Party presents itself as the party to fix the economy, stop budget deficits, and solve the long term issue of the National Debt, then I believe much more Americans will support this party. If dissolving the Federal Reserve is proven necessary to fix the economy, then that is what the party and politicians will decide without the need to educate the average American before receiving their support. Additionally, the splitting of the Republican Party would more easily attain a much larger number of supporters than any other 3rd party in existence and probably re-assimilate most of the people who have recently left the Republican Party too.

I think I have several very sound reasons for splitting the Republican Party. Additionally, I believe that my idea will make a viable 3rd party that would probably gather more support than the current Republican Party, as well as better addressing the most pressing issues of the United States.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/22/2008

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