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Wooden versus Concrete Roofs

With another hurricane battering the coastline, it is time to remind everyone to stop building homes out of wood in hurricane prone areas. Basically, homes made with wooden frames are not strong enough to resist most hurricane strength winds. On the other hand, homes built with concrete block and stucco, commonly referred to as CBS, are much more resistant to stronger hurricanes.

However, I've lived most of my life in what is often called "hurricane alley", and I don't think building homes out of CBS is sufficient any more. This is because most roofs are made out of wood. I've seen too many homes with their roofs ripped off from severe winds during hurricanes, yet the house walls remain intact. Everything in these homes is either lost or damaged beyond repair. Thus, roofs made of wood on CBS constructed homes are the weakest part of these homes.

In a lot of parts in coastal Asia, homes are often built with concrete roofs instead of wooden "A" frames that is common in the United States. These concrete roofs are significantly stronger than traditional CBS homes, because they can better withstand stronger winds. Additionally, concrete roofs can better withstand the impact of tree branches failing on them. These roofs are even better against tornadoes and pesky termites too. The only drawback to concrete roofs is the cost. So, I'll ask you this simple question.

How much is the cost for the safety of your home, your possessions, yourself, and possibly even your family?

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/01/2008

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