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The Types of Employees at Large Companies

If you work long enough at a really big company like I have, then you would have also noticed that there are three main types of employees.

First, there are the employees who consistently perform poorly. These employees are almost never punished in any meaningful way or at least visibly reprimanded. These employees keep their heads low, because they know that typically only upper managers get fired and that is for truly gigantic problems that rarely occur.

Second, there are employees who consistently perform exceptionally well. These employees are typically new to the company and have a strong emotional need to prove themselves. However, these good employees are rarely noticed and even more seldom rewarded for their hard work. As a result of years without recognition and with only "average" compensation compared to other less productive co-workers, these employees eventually become demoralized and become the third type of employee.

Third and finally, a lot of people who have worked for any big company for a long time tend to become less productive than they were before. This is a direct result of years of little to no recognition and compensation that slowly de-motivated these once exceptional employees. These employees realize that they will be compensated equally if they work very hard or very little. The very act of appearing busy and important is sufficient to continue receiving good performance reviews from their managers. This leads to the question as to why should these employees work harder for no extra compensation?

As a result, working at a large company instills mediocrity of work. I know these are vague generalizations that do not fit all large companies, but look around.. I think you will be surprised at what you will find.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/14/2008

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