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The World Needs a Stronger International Police

Your local neighborhood has a police force, your town has a police department, and even your country is policed, so why is there no one to police the world?

Well that’s not completely true. The United States of America is the self appointed police of the world. However the United States only gets involved in affairs that affect them either financially or are perceived as a threat.

On the other hand, the purpose of the United Nations (U.N.) is somewhat like the police watchdog of the world to find and report on illegal, immoral, and just down right questionable activities in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, the United Nations only purpose to as a place for ambassadors to debate and try to resolve their country’s issues through diplomacy. Therefore, the United Nations is almost completely ineffective and useless at preventing and stopping atrocities without a slow and deliberating consensus of several members in the United Nations who almost never agree on anything. Now imagine for a moment that if each time you call the police for an emergency, politicians would vote to decide months later if police officers should be sent to investigate or task action. This is preposterous, since the police need the freedom to act immediately whenever and wherever they are needed. As a result of the bureaucracy of the United Nations, the genocide of Darfur and other atrocities are knowingly happening throughout the world, yet no one is taking action.

There are a lot of moral issues that need to be examined if a real world police will be created. First, could a world police exist? Well, most of the world has already allowed the United Nations to police the world, even though the U.N. has never been officially defined as such or have been properly funded or equipped. So, a world police could exist; and it would most likely be accepted as is, since it already exists in a very limited way. Second, should a world police exist? Since the atrocities, such as genocide in Darfur, still exists, then the world really needs an organization to police them. Third, who should control a world police? Well, just like a regular police force, no one really directly controls them. They directly report to the politicians and indirectly work for the people, and they have internal checks and balances to prevent and find corruption. Yet they are a separate entity, who can act without approval for each action. So, I would imagine a world police would report to the United Nations, who would control their finances but not their day to day activities. Finally, what responsibilities would a world police have? The obvious activities would be stopping genocide, preventing wars, abolishing slavery, and ending any other acts against humanity by governments and armies. Furthermore, a world police would have the responsibility of enforcing international laws in areas that have no government jurisdictions, such as on the Internet, in international waters, unclaimed lands such as Antarctica, and even space.

The technical issues are much more daunting than the moral issues. First, who would fund an international police? Currently, the United Nations does not have the funds to finance a worldwide police force. I think the United Nations could tax all international commerce, especially on the Internet (that the U.N. could govern), and this could finance their needs. Second, who would decree what international laws the world police would enforce? Again, the United Nations would need to define the basic laws of humanity that all governments must adhere to and the world police must enforce. How would a world police be created? I do not see how each country/member of the U.N would agree to and support the creation of a true international police. It would have to take extraordinary circumstances for the world’s governments to agree that they themselves need policing, as if history and the current state of world affairs are not enough. I am open to suggestions on how to solve this problem.

In conclusion, since the United Nations does not have a strong and independent police force and there is a strong need for an international worldwide police, then something needs to change. Whether it is an international world police or a rogue country dictating and bullying their terms, the world needs a stronger organization that can police governments and armies thus preventing atrocities against humanity.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/19/2007

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