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Wristwatches are a Dying Technology

In today’s modern age, I still see a lot of people still wearing wristwatches, even though these same people carry cell phones and PDAs that also tell the time.

For that reason, I predict that wristwatch sales are going to decrease a lot in the very near future. For example, I plan on never replacing my wristwatch when it stops working, since my cell phone is just as capable at telling me the time and I will have one less item to carry. Furthermore, I plan on never even replacing my watch’s battery when it runs out of power either. Come to think of it, my wristwatch was given to me as a gift from my mother. I think that is sufficient proof that I never felt the need to buy a wristwatch for myself when I did not have one.

I believe that a lot of other people, especially the younger generation, have the same beliefs as me. Next time that you are in a mall, a store, or some other public event, try noticing how many people are still wearing wristwatches in comparison with how old they are. The next generation always leads the way in new trends.

Therefore, I strongly recommend not owning any shares of any wristwatch company. Heck, I would even consider short selling those companies.

I would admit that a cell phone is not as convenient as a wristwatch for telling time, but the inconvenience is extremely minor especially when compared to the cost of buying a new wristwatch or battery.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/27/2007

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