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Wristwatches are still Dying

I recently received an interesting rebuttal to my Wristwatches are a Dying Technology Article that I wanted to write a rebuttal of my own. This person had these five points to contradict my opinion.

First, sport watches (for jogging, running, tennis, etc.) are more practical than regular cell phones. While this is mostly true, I find that modern cell phones are small enough to comfortably fit in my pocket when I exercise. Furthermore, cell phones are getting much smaller and more convenient to carry. There are even ruggedized cell phones for those people who play rough sports that could damage normal cell phones and wristwatches.

Second, some wristwatches are waterproof and/or water resistant, therefore they are better for swimming and wet environments. While I am not aware of any waterproof cell phones, there is certainly a market for them. I would assume that ruggedized cell phones are at least water resistant too. At the very least, it is surely technologically possible to make cell phones that will not get damaged under a few feet of water.

Third, cell phones are generally prohibited during school examinations for obvious reasons. However, I found that most, if not all, classrooms already have clocks in them. Therefore, you do not need a cell phone while taking an exam in a classroom.

Fourth, wristwatches are also stopwatches. I believe several cell phones already have downloadable applications so that cell phones can be used as stopwatches too.

Finally, wristwatches are not mere keepers of time. They are also jewelry. A wristwatch can be a beautiful timepiece that can also illustrate class and style, and usually the sole piece of jewelry that a man will wear besides his wedding ring. I agree that wristwatches will always remain somewhat popular for aesthetic and social reasons, however this does not mean there will not be a continued decline in wristwatch purchases.

In conclusion, I still think wristwatches are a dying piece of technology that is being replaced by something that can tell time and do a whole lot more.

by Phil for Humanity
on 05/08/2009

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