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A Guide for the Survival of Humankind and Helping the World, Society, and Yourself.

Articles to Improve the World

  1. Why Is Switching To Reusable Shopping Bags a Good Decision?
  2. 3 Reasons to Stop Using Dryers
  3. 5 Easy Ways You Can Recycle and Re-Use E-Waste
  4. A Few Humble Suggestions to Get Out of this Recession
  5. A Letter to God (if you exist)
  6. A Plan to Rid the World of Polluting Power Plants
  7. Abolish Toll Booths
  8. Air Drop Relief Supplies
  9. Another Idea to Pull the Economy Out of Recession
  10. Arguments can be Good
  11. Bad Role Models
  12. Bloggers Love Giving Advice
  13. Can We Stop Global Warming?
  14. Can You Guess One of the Biggest Wastes of Electricity? -From the Other Grinch
  15. Can You Recycle Envelopes with Plastic Windows?
  16. Cheap and Easy Energy
  17. Curing Diseases in Order of Importance
  18. Dear Junk Mail Solicitors
  19. Deforestation and Global Warming
  20. Depressing News
  21. Disposing of Nuclear Waste
  22. Doctor Appointment? Don't Wait Too Long!
  23. Does the End Justify the Means?
  24. Economic Profit versus Environmental Safety
  25. Environmentalism versus Humanitism
  26. Etiquette to Reading and Replying to Emails
  27. Everyone is Racist
  28. Fixing the Green Party
  29. Freedom for Everyone
  30. Fuel Efficient People
  31. Gay Marriages
  32. Global Warming is Ruining the Earth
  33. Global Warming is a Misnomer
  34. Global Warming: Mankind's Greatest Threat
  35. Handling Complaints
  36. Harnessing Energy from Lightning
  37. Heatmoth: A Solar Cooker
  38. Helping Humanity
  39. How Long Can the World Sustain the World's Population?
  40. How to Make Car Bumpers Safer
  41. How to More Cheaply Cool a Fridge
  42. How to Survive the Next Ice Age
  43. How to Terraform Mars
  44. Humanities Plastic Addition: Saving Our Ocean
  45. Junk Removal Companies and Waste Recycling Benefits
  46. Mass Extinctions are Natural
  47. NASCAR = Pollution + Higher Gas Prices
  48. Neutralizing Radioactive Waste
  49. No One has the Right to Pollute
  50. Online Weekly Ads are Annoying and Too Small
  51. Options for Asteroids Heading Towards Earth
  52. Packaging Pollution
  53. People are Stupid
  54. Plant Trees on Public Land
  55. Plant a BETTER Tree
  56. Population Control
  57. Problems with Modern Science Fiction
  58. Proving Global Warming
  59. Recycle Aluminum Foil
  60. Recycle Christmas Trees
  61. Recycle Old Computers and Broken Electronics
  62. Recycling Batteries
  63. Recycling Kitchen Waste
  64. Recycling Landfills
  65. Recycling Rain Water
  66. Recycling Yard Waste
  67. Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Water Heaters
  68. Reusable Cloth Bags versus Plastic Bags
  69. Robotic Recycling of Landfills
  70. Social Epidemic of Bad Manners and Disrespect
  71. Socioeconomic Stability
  72. Solutions for Saving the Planet and Humanity
  73. Solving Air Pollution
  74. Solving Global Warming Will Temporarily Cause Higher Temperatures
  75. Stop Donating Money and Food
  76. Stop Killing Christmas Trees
  77. Stop Watering Your Lawn
  78. Stopping Junk Mail
  79. Students Need Individual Attention
  80. Support New Atheism
  81. Technologies Humanity Needs to Survive
  82. Ten Top Humanitarian Charities
  83. Terraforming Earth
  84. The 4th of July Pollution
  85. The Advantages and Disadvantages of eStatements
  86. The Alternative to Foreign Oil: The Solar-Hydrogen Economy
  87. The Benefits and Risks of Genetic Engineering and Nanotechnology
  88. The End of Cheap Oil
  89. The Environment First, Profits Second!
  90. The Four-Step Plan to End Credit Card Offer Solicitations
  91. The Future with Molecular Assemblers
  92. The Merits of a Much Higher Gas Tax
  93. The Problem with LASIK
  94. The Problem with the Holy Cross
  95. The Problems with IT Firefighting
  96. The Pros and Cons of 3D Printing
  97. The Pros and Cons of Bottled Water
  98. The Pros and Cons of Organic Food and Farming
  99. The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters
  100. The Pros and Cons of Windmills
  101. The Size of Money
  102. The World Needs a Stronger International Police
  103. To All Global Warming Deniers
  104. Too Many Nuclear Weapons
  105. Two Pairs of Trash Cans at Home
  106. Universal Human Rights
  107. Waste Water Treatment can Reverse Global Warming
  108. What You Can Do
  109. Which Type of Light Bulb is Better for the Environment?
  110. Why Humanity Needs to Understand, Predict, and Control the Environment
  111. Why Nuclear Power Plants are Horrible
  112. Why Public Schools are Failures to the Best Students
  113. Why The United Nations is a Useless Failure
  114. Why there is Little Concern for the Environment