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Who is Phil for Humanity?

I am often asked for my last name, resume, credentials, background, and what degrees that I hold. Typically, there are two reasons that people ask me for this information. First, they want some verification that I am an expert or at least knowledgeable in the topics that I write about. Second, people request this information because they would like to reference my articles in their research papers, articles, or books.

While both of these reasons are very good and honorable, I however prefer to stay anonymous as much as possible on the Internet. With identity thieves and a large number of mentally unstable people out there, I can never be too safe. Therefore, I think staying anonymous is the best option for me at the moment.

So please excuse my reluctance to give out my personal information, including my last name and resume. If you do find out who I actually am, then please keep my personal information private.

In the mean time, please continue referencing my articles as needed.

Thank you for understanding,

Phil for Humanity